Care of Catch

The care of your fish catch is of the utmost importance to us & something we take great pride in at the Sportsman’s Club. Our commitment to excellence with timely & thorough cleaning & processing of your catch will ensure your fish will remain fresh & tasty for months to come after your trip with us.
When you arrive back at the lodge after each fishing session you take your fish box to the scale where you are photographed & then you tag each fish & record your catch on the tally board to keep track of your limits.Then our professional guides personally custom process each fish depending on your specifications on each fish tag. Our cleaning table is literally on the patio of our lounge. From there you watch with a refreshment in hand & if need be instruct the guides as to the specifics of filleting & portioning of your catch. The fish are then vacuum packaged & flash frozen in our brand new state of the art blast freezer. At any time during your trip you can inspect your fish box on the racks in our freezer to help keep track of your catch limits. At no time will you be allowed to overfish your limit. On your last morning we do not fillet the fresh caught fish. We will simply clean & bag your fish making your fresh unfrozen catch safe for travel when mixed in with your previously frozen catch.

Your fish is packed for travel home in a sturdy airline approved waxed box with an insulated liner to help ensure it arrives home in excellent condition. You will be asked to inspect your fish box before it is closed to ensure that the contents of the box matches the numbers on the fish tally sheet as well as your expectations. You must carry your Canadian saltwater fishing licence with you & not packed in checked luggage.

Smoking &/or canning of some or all of your salmon can be arranged before you leave the lodge. We offer the services of St Jean’s Cannery where for an additional cost you can have all or part of your catch custom processed.

During your stay with us we offer tasting of all the types of smoked & canned salmon that St. Jean’s offers to help you decide how you would like your fish processed. On the last day you fill out a form & those fish will be separated from any take home fish & sent out for processing & shipped to you a few weeks later. For those guests lucky enough to catch a trophy sized salmon that they want to get mounted, taxidermy services can be arranged at the fishing lodge with Gander’s Taxidermy.

Thank you so much for the fantastic trip the boys & I had up at the lodge. It was superb in every way.
The staff was impeccable, the food absolutely brilliant, the fishing, FABULOUS! Accommodation better then ever & on top of that we had perfect weather. Nothing could have made it better – NOTHING!

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