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July 2023 Fishing Update

July fishing for salmon & halibut as well as lingcod has exceeded our expectations. Double headers on coho/silvers, along with more Chinook/kings than we've see in a long time filled almost everyone's dreams of an awesome fishing adventure at the Sportsman's Club. Not to be outdone by the salmon catches, halibut of all sizes were caught from Cranston Point to the Bean & Safety Cove. [...]

2023-08-02T10:25:14-07:00August 2, 2023|

What a difference a year makes…

This time last year we were preparing the Sportsman's Club for the season after an almost three years pandemic break (September 2019 - July 2022). Apart from all the maintenance, our struggle was to teach the almost all 'new to the lodge' employees their jobs because most of our past employees had gone on to career jobs...This year, all the employees we invited back from the 2022 season are here at the Sportsman's Club & have worked exceedingly hard to prepare for our first guests of the season to arrive soon. <...>

2023-06-30T15:04:35-07:00June 30, 2023|

Fishing 2023 with Father Figures

Not everyone was fortunate to grow up on a daily basis with a father figure in their home. Some were way at war, others travelling for the job, etc. However, often there was someone to stand in for the father figure. On Father's Day, June 18, we'll be celebrating all the 'father figures' - fathers, grandfathers, sons, uncles, nephews, associates, teachers, & mentors who have helped all of us along the way. [...]

2023-06-03T16:31:54-07:00June 3, 2023|

Salmon Fishing Memories

It’s that time of year once again, when the school year is coming to a close.  For the Kelly family, we are excited to report that Shayna, Simon’s daughter, is graduating from Ryerson University in Toronto.  Many of our past guests will remember her at the Sportsman’s Club as a golden haired toddler who loved to fish. [...]

2023-06-03T13:46:57-07:00June 3, 2023|

Celebrating 40 years

Celebrating 40 years! Monsters still lurk in the depths nearby the lodge. Put your time in & you could have a chance at a barn-door halibut like this. It's that time of year where spring is approaching in British Columbia, & the days are getting longer & warmer. Summer will be upon us before we realize that we have only a few days left before we welcome our first guests [...]

2023-06-03T13:34:49-07:00June 3, 2023|
  • Couple with King salmon.

A Note from Lodge Owner Barbara Kelly on 40 Years of RISC

It’s that time of year when we all think of what we’d like to be doing during the summer & start making plans. Many of our readers have already decided that it’s time to go fishing & have booked their trip with us for this summer. And what better place than the Rivers Inlet Sportsman’s Club (RISC) to help us celebrate our 40th year of operation! [...]

2023-06-03T13:18:31-07:00June 3, 2023|


This is one of the most common questions that we get when people are researching about salmon fishing trips in BC. Most of our guests are successful on their own with our training & mentoring. We do daily seminars, the technique is easy to master & the fishing is nearby the lodge in calm waters. However, booking a guide for part or all of your trip will certainly accelerate your understanding of how to be to successful catching BC salmon. [...]

2022-12-29T15:49:05-08:00December 21, 2022|

Scott’s Fishing Notes 2022

Once again, the fishing at the lodge was incredibly hot once the runs of salmon made their way down Fitz Hugh Sound to Rivers Inlet. The Wall, the Dome, Cranston Point all produced daily and this made for some great, “close to home” fishing where guests did not have to travel long distances to get to the fishing grounds. [...]

2022-10-26T15:11:55-07:00October 26, 2022|

Thank You to Our Guides and Staff

Our new guides were under the tutelage of Scott S. & he did a great job. Guests often ask if he'll be guiding in the upcoming season because they enjoy him so much. Here is what Scott had to say at the end of the 2022 fishing season. [...]

2022-10-06T12:11:18-07:00October 6, 2022|

September 2022 Lodge Update

The Sportsman’s Club is ready for 2023 & trip bookings are coming in daily so please contact us now to secure your dates… Yes, the 2022 season has ended with lots of fish being boxed & flown out to places far & near.  The coho/silvers showed up in great numbers, as did the halibut.  The Chinook/kings were not as huge as usual, but the 40 pounder in the photo was an exciting catch.  We had several very large halibut with one in the photo measuring just an inch below the DFO limit for catch retention.

2022-09-20T12:04:37-07:00September 20, 2022|

Fishing Update August 2022

The Roth family arrived at the lodge on a 4-day trip ready to fish for salmon for the first time! Matt and his 2 sons, Jake and Vince, had no experience fishing in the ocean. Their positive vibes and good energy were evident from the time they arrived until their departure from the Sportsman's Club. [...]

2022-08-15T13:15:35-07:00August 15, 2022|
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