Early Season Fishing Report 2016

Sportsman’s guide Colm had an amazing first day on the water with family Blake, Luke and Kirk!
Way to go boys.

Our Sportsman’s Club guests are loving the action out on the water. Yesterday was a good day and many guests came in with their limit of fish.  However, last year’s record of a 64 lbs Chinook still stands – but there is still time in the season to break this.  So, if you haven’t booked your trip, email us today at info@riversinlet.com to arrange some dates.
The early season fishing produced all of our salmon species – Chinook, coho, chum & pink. Finding the surface waters a couple of degrees warmer than usual, guests tended to use the downriggers to get to the salmon in the deeper & cooler waters.  Some days, guests went over to Calvert Island, which is a 20 minutes ride away, but mostly the salmon were caught not far from the lodge along the Wall & Dome with some having success around Kevin’s Corner. Halibut were found in several known ‘holes’, with some guests finding new ones several hundred feet deep beyond Major Brown Rock.
The results of the early fishing showed once again the value of having the downriggers. In pre-downrigger years, when the warmer than usual surface water meant the salmon came in late or were very deep, it was sometimes quite difficult to get to the depths where the salmon were feeding.  Many of you will remember that this is the reason we invested in the downriggers so that everyone has the expectation & opportunity to catch the salmon whether in the shallows or down deeper. Nevertheless, on some days, our guests who prefer to mooch, patiently fished close to the lodge near Jackson’s Hole & were rewarded with some nice catches of Chinook. All kinds of lures have been used to entice the salmon to bite, from cut-plug herring & hoochies to tiny silver spoons.


I hope this news finds you enjoying every moment,  Simon, Barbara, Cathy & the Sportsman’s Club Crew!