Fishing Report 2016

Barbara’s Fishing Report 2016

Tim M. (left) is all smiles after catching the largest Chinook/king salmon of the season at 51 lbs. with his fishing partner Jim G.

Another fishing season is over, & many of our guests are counting the days until they come back in 2017. After a slower start to the fishing season than we expected, the good fishing has been memorable in its abundance of salmon.  It’s not been unusual to hear, "it’s the best fishing I’ve experienced anywhere in my whole life".
Much of the salmon leaving the lodge has been in such quantities that we’ve needed to charter another plane to ensure that the boxes reached Vancouver with the guests. Especially exciting was the early appearance of the large Northern coho/silver, with the largest being 21 lbs. caught by Lauren McKenzie. The schools of coho were so thick around Dempsey Point, beyond Kevin’s Corner, that it was difficult to get down to the Chinook/king lurking beneath them. However, Tim McCulloch did manage to get the beauty at 51 lbs. 
Many guests limited out early in their trip having caught their 8 salmon possession limit & they turned to halibut & other fish.  Some monsters were brought close to the boat but managed to wriggle free, others were caught on salmon gear, & many were brought in between a few pounds & 78 lbs. The latter halibut was caught by Luke Ostram who was fishing who accompanied his father & two brothers on the trip. Some large lingcod & yellow eyed rock fish will provide tasty dinners for the guests when they get back home. 
We take the opportunity to thank all of our guests for their business & graciousness; positiveness makes a great difference to all of us at the lodge. Our staff has been nothing but amazing, going about their daily jobs with willingness & enthusiasm, & we thank them most sincerely. 
If you have not done so, & to avoid disappointment, please book your 2017 fishing trip early.
Simon, Stephanie, Barbara & Cathy.


Care of Your Catch

There is nothing like the taste of sport-caught wild salmon which has been professionally processed & flash frozen. The best thing to do to help preserve the maximum freshness of your catch in the freezer is to wrap & tape a few pieces of newspaper around the outside of the plastic bag that your fish is in to minimize air circulation that can cause freezer burn. Also, look for any vacuum pack bags that might have the seal broken & re-package them in a zip-lock bag then wrap in newspaper. Your catch is best eaten in the first 6 months. That is not to say that you can’t eat it after that. It will just be at its optimum freshness sooner than later. Also, don’t just give your salmon away to friends & family as NOBODY can possibly appreciate what you have endured to get this prized fish home. Instead, invite them over & tell them they need to bring nice white wine & a salad, & do the dishes … lol! If you sent fish to be processed at  St. Jean’s cannery. They are swamped this time of year & it can take up to 8 weeks or more so be patient, the wait will be worth it! 

Send Us Your Photos

If you have any good images from your adventures with us please send them our way. We can use them in our Ads & in our Newsletters & Social Media. We have lots of shots on the dock & around the scale/sign. What we need are the ones taken out on the water when the smiles & fish are fresh. These pictures are way more exciting & emotive.  Also, a testimonial about your experience with us would be much appreciated. Just a few lines about what made your Sportsman’s Club "experience" memorable.
We hope to see you again next summer & bring all your friends!

Guest Testimonial

Tom F & I are in our nineties, & have fished many lodges together over many years.  He & I agree … our 4 days at the Sportsman’s Club were head & shoulders above any of the others…  If he & I are still looking at the grass from the correct side, & can walk without assistance, you can expect to see us again next year. Will you please pass this on to Barbara & her entire Crew.

Tom K. Seattle WA. (90 Years Young)

Recipe – Simple Salmon BBQ

While your salmon is so fresh it is best to keep the preparation simple so that you can enjoy the natural flavour of the flesh.
-About 30 minutes before cooking apply a drizzle of oil (any kind), a squeeze of lemon & some salt & pepper to taste.
-Get your BBQ as hot as possible (500-600 F).
-Sear the salmon 2 minutes per side & then let it "rest" covered on the counter for a few minutes before serving.

This is for 1 inch thick pieces, for thicker pieces cook incrementally longer. The fish is so delicate that it is easy to over-cook & it still cooks as it cools while resting.  It should be half red in the middle when you take it off the heat. You can always put the salmon back on the BBQ if it is not done enough, you can’t un-cook it. I got distracted while barbecuing the other night & did 3 minutes/side & completely destroyed the fish. It was dry & way too firm like "salmon jerky" so pay attention! Get your phone timer out & stand attention at the BBQ!

The largest halibut of the season was this 78 lbs. beauty caught by Luke O. He, his father & 2 brothers boated it without a guide!