Halibut Fishing at RISC

We have seen a real surge in interest in halibut fishing these past few years at RISC. Partly because the catches have been so consistent & partly due to the continuing refinements in our training & fishing program that are leading to even more success. The most productive halibut grounds in Rivers Inlet are adjacent to our favorite salmon fishing hot spots.

We try to catch “the bite” on the 2-3 hours of the slack tide, so you don’t have to dedicate a whole day to halibut fishing, unless you want to. You can rip over to the halibut grounds in minutes, do a quick gear switch & you are fishing. Typically, we check it out for a couple of hours & if it is ON, there is usually the enthusiasm to stay. Or if the bite is off, or you have already caught your limit, you can quickly & easily head back over to the salmon fishing grounds a few minutes away.

As we are primarily a salmon fishing destination, most of our guests focus on salmon for the first couple of fishing sessions. After lunch on the second day of your trip is when we do our 60-minute halibut fishing seminar. After that, our head guide (weather permitting) leads the fleet of guest boats out to the nearby halibut grounds & we do a series of coordinated drift over the area we are fishing. These are pinnacles, ledges, edges & drop-offs that we have on our GPS & are also the known “hali hots spots”. Success is all about teamwork, keeping your gear baited & on the bottom & then waiting for the bite. You have to sift through some “chickens” & variety of assorted bottom dwellers, but they are out there.

You will know you have got the big one on when your stiff sturdy stick rod tip buries into the water & the line starts screaming out! We have had record halibut catches at the lodge the past few summers with plenty in the 20-40 lbs. range & some “darn doors” well into their 80’s. Our self-guided guests are successful with our training, but you might want to book a guide if available? For more tips on halibut fishing in Rivers Inlet CLICK HERE for our instructional video.