July clippings from the Sportsman’s Club











It’s been quite an adventure re-opening the Sportsman’s Club after 34 months.
In September 2019, our last guests of the season left with many expecting to be fishing with us again in 2020. As we all know this was not to be…
Excitedly, we have been able once again to start greeting our new & returning guests. The crew worked hard for a long rig-up of seven weeks instead of the usual two. Many of our past employees have gone on to career jobs, but we’ve been able to develop a new crew to do the complicated jobs. Thanks go to returning staff, Scott, Brent, Jasmine, Jakob, Tayler, Roger, John, Gerald for helping develop our 2022 team at the Sportsman’s Club.
The coho/silvers are getting larger as we move into August & we expect some bigger king/spring too. We’ve had a few salmon over 30 lbs & the largest halibut was oversize & weighed in at 78 lbs – Congratulations Michael Jr.
The beginning of the season’s cool & wet weather was followed by hot days. As you probably know, in a marine environment this means there’ll be fog in the early mornings. Once this fog has burned off, we’ve had fantastic days which showed off the beauty of Rivers Inlet. Even the humpback whales & bald eagles, not to mention the wily otters, have been putting on displays to add to the magic of each day in Rivers Inlet.
Like all businesses in recent months, at the Sportsman’s Club we’ve been hit by the delays of one kind or another. Back-up equipment ordered months ago has yet to arrive…Where are the workers to unload freighters carrying the second batch of our new 40 HP four stroke motors, or was delivery delayed at the factory due to shortage of supplies/workers there? We are grateful to our guests for their patience & understanding when the timing of the Seair Seaplanes (due to weather) & other delays happened but were out of our control.
Don’t miss the opportunity to book your fishing trip this season or for 2023 by phoning Cathy at 250-923-2689.