SALMON FISHING is HOT – BOOK NOW Sun-Thurs, Aug 18-22

If you have not already done so, do not delay in booking your fishing adventure with us.
All trips are sold out for the season except Sun-Thurs, Aug 18-22, where we’ve had an unfortunate cancellation.
Our largest Chinook/king ever was caught on August 19, weighing in at 72 1/2 lbs.
If you like the excitement of fishing for the feisty coho/silvers, this is the time the Northerns are making their appearance.
Contact us right now, Cathy is waiting for you…


We went to Rivers inlets Sportsman’s Fishing club the first week of July. It was perfect. We had a different guide each day and each guide provided a new experience and a bonus was to help us land fish. We caught coho, spring, halibut and ling cod.
When we weren’t catching fish we were happy to watch the humpback whales at close proximity and bald eagles everywhere
We had great food, all meals were home cooked with complimentary wine at dinner, and great instruction on how to land a fish by Simon each day. The weather was very good and the crab fest was fabulous. Thanks for a wonderful week. I even enjoyed the morning trumpet wake up call.
Sharon – Guest in 2019


This old time favourite recipe seems to have evolved over the years. Every time we make it it’s a bit different. Don’t be too concerned with exact measurements. Even adding or substituting ingredients to suit your taste or to adapt to what is available in your fridge & pantry is fine. The most important thing is to take the salmon off the heat when it is half done as it continues to cook as it “rests” in the brief period between the heat source & the plate.