The Countdown Is On…

To Another Great Fishing Season At The Rivers Inlet Sportsman’s Club

Sportsman's Club at Rivers Inlet

A fishing adventure with us is the ultimate father/son experience.

The countdown is on… we are preparing for another great fishing season at the Rivers Inlet Sportsman’s Club, & we hope you are getting ready for it.
If you haven’t booked your dates, please call us soon at 1-800-663-2644.
There is space available on the following dates, so call us today to book or email us at

SPACE AVAILABLE on Thurs-Sun July 16-19
SPACE AVAILABLE on Sun-Thurs July 19-23, July 26-30, Aug 16-20, Aug 23-27

Flight Details
Just a quick reminder about our direct flights to the lodge from Vancouver on Seair Seaplanes.
The chartered planes to the lodge leave Vancouver at 9:45AM precisely. Check-in is at 8:45AM.
You need to arrive in Vancouver on your departure day by 8:00AM to leave enough time to change terminals and also to allow for flight delays.
You cannot miss our chartered flight or you will have to pay to fly yourself in to the lodge. It is better to plan to come in the night before and stay in a hotel overnight in Vancouver (details below). On your return you will be back in Vancouver by approximately 3:00PM.
We recommend that you DO NOT book any flights out of Vancouver before 5:00PM on your return day.
All the details, including our recommendations for overnight accommodations in Vancouver
can be found here.
Guests that have already booked can find information on their trip here.


Rigging Up The Lodge

Our associate of more that 30 years, John Salo will be starting his journey to Rivers Inlet very soon.
John does many things for us, not the least of which is towing the lodge back & forth from Sunshine Bay to Sportsman’s Bay for winter/summer moorage. He tows the lodge buildings one or two at a time through the islands (see photo above) to avoid the possibility of an ocean swell. Once in place at Sportsman’s Bay, Simon & his rig-up crew arrive in the guide boats from Port Hardy to help John set up the the necessary resources such as water, electricity from the generators, propane, Internet. There are several contractors/inspectors who help us get BC provincial permits who also need to get to the lodge: electrical, gas, water, safety, health etc. As you can imagine, in the weeks before our guests arrive there has been a lot of work done.
This year, we have contracted for a new & larger flash freezer to be installed. A new fish cleaning table has been designed & is being manufactured. Two of the Whaler guide boats will have new motors. A professional painter will paint all the buildings. Over the winter, several of the guest boats – Stingers – have been refurbished in Campbell River & will be brought in by barge to Sportsman’s Bay in Rivers Inlet. Xplornet Communications have more satellites, so we need a whole new system installed by them – one of their contractors will be flying into the lodge to erect two new satellite dishes, modems, wiring etc. We expect to have more broadband but not enough to download movies!

Guest Testimonial

"…What can we say except to salute your excellence and to celebrate the memory of a superb experience at Rivers Inlet.We fear you must be tired of hearing what a wonderful, well run perfect product you offer, but we have to take that chance and tell you again – Bravo! and Thanks! We are spreading the word and will return to share the special experience with some good friends. Will be in touch. Blessings and Greetings to you and all your fine staff from your new Jamaican Friends…"
Sincerely P & J

Recipe – Quick Halibut / Salmon Tacos

Ingredients: Tortilla shells, fish, shredded cabbage or lettuce, finely chopped tomatoes & onions, lemon/lime juice or taco sauce.

Directions: Sprinkle fish with lime/lemon juice & saute in olive oil/butter for a very short time on both sides. Chop the fish into smaller pieces & build your taco starting with fish first. ENJOY!

Our location is amazing with the lodge nestled in our calm anchorage only minutes from the fishing grounds.