Guided Fishing

Guides are not essential to successfully catching fish in Rivers Inlet. Our basic fishing package is self-guided & that is part of the “magic” of our experience. Guests can do it on their own own & still catch lots of fish. This is due to our unique combination of top quality fishing equipment, tackle & electronics, proximity to the salmon fishing grounds, in-depth daily seminars & continuous “coaching”, calm waters & abundant fish stocks. Having said that, time on the water with one of our fishing experts will typically accelerate your fishing education, improve your local knowledge & increase your chances of landing the “big one”.

All of our guides are professionally trained & certified by Transport Canada, & most have worked on our docks several years before they earn their “stripes” & getting their promotion to guide status. Guiding is an additional charge & can be customized to your own needs. Guiding can be booked for 1 day or for the duration of your stay (depending on availability). Guiding must be pre-booked as the guides usually sell out so you can’t just arrive at the lodge & expect a guide to be available. You can have the guide in your regular 17 ft. fleet boat with you & your fishing partner, or you can upgrade (for an additional charge) to one of our bigger 18/19/20/25 ft. boats which can accommodate 2 or 3 & up to 4 in the 25’ Whaler. On your arrival day guiding is approximately 6 hours commencing after lunch until our later dinner at 7:30 PM. The other days you will be guided in the morning from 6:00 AM-11:00 AM & then you have your choice of taking your guide for the afternoon or evening fishing session for an additional 3 hours for a total of 8 hours of guiding.

There is no morning guiding on your departure day, but you may take your assigned boat out for fishing until 8 AM. Also, our guides are on the water as instructors & mentors to assist all our guests at all times. There is always someone nearby to answer questions, lead you to where the fish are biting, assist with any technical issues, re-stock your bait, equipment & refreshments to ensure your safety & to help maximize your fishing productivity.

I booked a guide for one day to get us off on the right foot. Navigating the Inlet made us a little anxious but our guide showed us all the pointers needed so that we were able to be successful on our own the remaining days.

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