Every morning your day begins with our coffee/tea & snack centre with thermoses, coolers etc. laid out in front of the lounge so that you can provision your boat for fishing excursion. Between fishing sessions or after a full day on the water you will enjoy relaxing in our comfortable lounge.  Here you can watch the action as the guides process your catch at the nearby cleaning table, mingle with the other guests, exchange stories of the day’s adventures or play a game of cards, crib, dice or chess.

The bar is fully stocked with juices, soft drinks, mixers, coffee, tea, hot chocolate & various condiments for all types of drinks. Upon your arrival bottles of standard brand spirits, a small selection of wines, coolers, ciders and 6 packs of imported & Canadian beer can be ordered & purchased through us at B.C. liquor store prices. We label your bottles & cans and place them in the bar for you to pour your own drinks at your convenience & to your own specifications. There is a huge hidden savings in this “bottle service” system as you are not purchasing individual drinks at inflated bar prices.

We stock standard commonly known brands of spirits so if you require something unusual or unique please plan to bring this specialty item with you. However, be mindful that it will be included as part of your 25 lbs. baggage limit for the seaplane flight so don’t bring flats of beer! Special arrangements can be made if you want to bring your own case of specialty wines.

Hot soup & fresh bread a served at the lounge at 11:00 AM & 5:00 PM everyday. A hot hearty snack is served in the lounge when guests come off the from the evening fishing session water at 9:00 PM. The lounge is where it “all happens” &  it is situated at the opposite end of the lodge from the accommodations buildings so that activities there do not disturb sleeping guests.  For your convenience the lounge is open 24 hours.

Before dinner the guests gathered on the dock near the lounge, we admired each others catch as the guides prepared to clean the fish all the while sharing our favourite beverages & stories of the ones that got away. This scenario played itself out every day.

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