Salmon Fishing Memories

Gran, Shayna, Rory & Poppa.

It’s that time of year once again, when the school year is coming to a close.  For the Kelly family, we are excited to report that Shayna, Simon’s daughter, is graduating from Ryerson University in Toronto.  Many of our past guests will remember her at the Sportsman’s Club as a golden haired toddler who loved to fish.  You’ll see here a photo of her & sister Rory when Shayna managed to hook & land a 36 pound Chinook/king salmon only a few minutes from the lodge in Jackson’s Hole at the Wall. Gran & Poppa were on hand to coach, ‘keep the rod tip up’ etc. & to net the big salmon.

We have more good family news, university student, Rory, is joining our amazing housekeeping team of Jasmine, Tayler & Kaitlyn for the fishing season this year.  She too was an avid fisher as she grew up at the fishing lodge each summer season.

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