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We finally did it! We have a New Blog for our all-inclusive salmon fishing lodge in BC. Learn more about planning a salmon fishing trip to the best BC fishing lodge in Rivers Inlet. We will answer questions about what to expect during an off the grid, remote fishing trip with us. Included will be information on BC salmon fishing techniques, halibut & lingcod tips & strategies, and general information about a fishing trip to our remote BC fishing lodge. We will even reveal some closely guarded fishing secrets we have learned over the past 38 years in business! There will be fish recipes, testimonials, stories, wildlife information, hatchery updates, fishing history and other tidbits about a fishing trip to best fishing lodge in Canada. This is valuable that you cannot find anywhere else but on our website so stay tuned.

Ricky’s first fish in Rivers Inlet BC was this giant 51 lb. chrome bright, hard fighting Chinook/King salmon.

Recon Mission to Our Fishing Lodge in Rivers Inlet BC

We just returned from a quick two-day trip into our all-inclusive salmon fishing lodge in British Columbia located in Rivers Inlet on the BC Central Coast. We did to a “recon mission” to see how things are holding up at the fishing lodge after sitting idle for 22 months in the harsh BC coastal rainforest marine environment. After not travelling at all this past year even on a local fishing trip in BC, just the idea of getting out of the house and having any sort of adventure filled us with a mix of excitement & nervous anticipation!

The main purpose of the trip to the fishing lodge was to measure up for some new roofs & do a general scope around for our planned summer maintenance & repair trip in July and hopefully a fishing trip. As you can well imagine, especially if you have been to the fishing lodge, there are a lot of moving parts that work together to produce a remote BC salmon fishing vacation at the best fishing lodge in Canada. However, if all goes as planned and we get our jobs done, we might even get to go salmon fishing which is the most exciting part! Our freezers are empty from the fishing lodge not operating last summer so we are itching to get out on the water. If we have enough time, we will hopefully even get out on the water fishing for halibut and lingcod.

Back to the fishing lodge, as roofing is well beyond our skill set, we commandeered customer & family friend “Ricky the Roofer” out of the office. This was no small task in the peak of the current BC building boom! Even if it is for work, any opportunity to go on a adventure to the fishing lodge is hard to refuse. However, even more difficult is getting to our salmon fishing lodge in Rivers Inlet BC this time of year. No roads means access is by float plane or boat only. This makes our off the grid rugged & remote paradise the best fishing lodge in Canada!  Normally in our July/August fishing season, you simply jump on our Seair Seaplane flights in Vancouver BC & are whisked away directly to the lodge in 90 mins.  There are no direct flights this time of year so we flew on the Pacific Coastal Airlines 70 minute flight from Vancouver to Port Hardy BC.  It wasn’t until we were landing at the Port Hardy Airport in a fierce rain squall that we realized how much I missed the North Island & Central Coast of BC. Just seeing the float planes lined up on the tarmac took our excitement level higher than ever, we were almost giddy!!  For the first time in a while, we felt that “magic” that many of our customers experience as they travel to the fishing lodge & see the wonders of the rugged & remote BC Coast that we sometimes take for granted. It really hit us when the pilot powered up the distinctive sounding radial engine of the most iconic float plane ever built, the de Havilland Canada DHC-2 Amphibious Beaver. On route during the 45 minute float plane trip to the fishing Lodge, you are overcome by the vastness. We have traveled the world & every time we enter into this unique wilderness paradise, we are reminded what a special remote place this is. As a result of hardly being touched by humans since the beginning of time, this pristine ecosystem is teaming with life on the land (Great Bear Rainforest) & in the sea (Inside Passage) of Beautiful British Columbia.

Man on roof top taking measurements and notes on clipboard
Ricky on those familiar silver roofs at the fishing lodge working his Magic!
En route to the salmon fishing lodge in Rivers Inlet
we made the trainee Beaver pilot buzz our
favourite surf beach in Burnett Bay.

This BC salmon fishing wilderness paradise starts at Port Hardy BC where the road ends. It extends 300 miles all the way up to Prince Rupert & inland 75 miles to the Coast Mountains. There are few all inclusive fishing lodges or fishing trips in BC that you can go on, where you can target salmon halibut & lingcod, while grey whales breach playfully in the background. Eagles soar overhead along with countless seabirds, you see seals, otters and the occasional deer & bear sighting. And if you are really fortunate, you might see the school of Pacific White Sided Dolphins that numbers in the thousands, as they pass through our area. Watching them as they surf, play & do acrobatics in the wake of your boat is an unforgettable life changing experience and often the highlight of the fishing trip.

On the shores of British Columbia’s “Great Bear Rainforest” lies the world’s largest intact coastal temperate rainforest. This is a robust ecosystem full of thousands of species of plants, animals & birds. A healthy habitat for black and grizzly bears, deer, cougars, mountain goats. We don’t see them but there is even a unique species of coastal grey sea wolves that live & forage on the beaches. And then there are the trees. Some of the old growth trees are hundreds of feet tall and thousands of years old.

On the waters of British Columbia’s “Inside Passage” there are countless islands & inlets that form a natural breakwater that protects anglers from the ground swells of the open Pacific Ocean.  With the continental shelf just offshore, Rivers Inlet BC is in a unique location where the tides, wind & current push nutrients up from the depths of the ocean. As a result, the sea life congregates here. There are over 60 species of fish and almost 200 types of marine invertebrates, and in particular the bait fish & food for the salmon. We are home to the best fishing lodge in Canada for ocean salmon fishing as well as halibut & lingcod fishing.  All of this minutes from the fishing lodge in calm water. There could be no better all inclusive BC salmon fishing vacation.

Book your Summer 2022 wilderness fishing adventure of a lifetime to out all-inclusive fishing lodge in BC. A place where the catches are plentiful, people are few & and you are still only 90 minutes from Vancouver BC by direct seaplane flight!  Surprise your father or son, grandfather, nephew, uncle, mother, granddaughter or any loved one in your life with the gift of a BC salmon fishing trip. It can be for Father’s Day, graduation or just because it is time to get traveling again & exploring & making priceless memories with salmon fishing in BC with your family & friends that will last forever!  Contact us today ….

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The fishing lodge winters in protected Sunshine Bay on the North side of Rivers Inlet
far from the fierce storms that would ravage the lodge
in our summer moorage in Sportsman’s Bay.