What’s Happening Today?

What’s happening today – well, today is Thanksgiving Day for all Americans around the world. Today, we have heard that for some of you it’s a white Thanksgiving – enjoy! Everyone at the Sportsman’s Club hopes that our American guests have a wonderful day with friends, family & co-workers.
Barbara, who has owned the Sportsman’s Club for 30 years, has fond memories of Americans soldiers arriving in her village in Lancashire, after being deployed to the UK. She & her little friends would sidle up to them & ask, ‘Any gum chum’. This was the start of her love affair with America & Americans, & she dreamt as a child of saving up enough money to go to New York & see the Bowery Boys!
We are sure that over Thanksgiving many of you will be sharing fond memories of days gone by. Have lots of laughs, there’s nothing better than having some fun whether you are American or not.
Speaking of fun, if you have not already done so, please contact us soon to arrange your fun 2015 fishing trip with us.
Have a happy day, Barbara, Cathy, Simon & the crew.